Why a "Portal"?

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May 19, 2022

On May 3rd we announced our plans to slow down, learn how we can better support you, and put our values and principles into practice by entering what we're calling a Portal of transformation. In this spirit, we’ll be holding off on producing our long-established programs from July 2022 through the completion of our strategic planning process (which begins in 2023). You can read more about this here.

Why are we calling it a “Portal”?

A portal is a way of getting somewhere new—a gateway to the world we want to build together. We're inspired by the ways that science fiction, speculative fiction*, and afrofuturist* artists and writers are able to bend the oppressive and limiting constructs of our reality through their art. This work often uses concepts like portals and time travel to imagine new ways of reconciling and healing the past, as well as creating new paths forward into the future. 

In articulating the journey we're about to embark on, we wanted to nod towards these traditions and underscore our commitment to tap into collective creativity throughout this process. The Portal is a representation of the space we can meet in together to do this important healing, connection, and liberation work.

Here are a few of our favorite mentions of portals to rest, healing, and liberation:

What's your favorite book, movie, tv show, story, etc. that involves traveling through a portal? Drop us a line at guildinfo@nationalguild.org with PORTAL in the subject line!



*Here’s a short, non-exhaustive reading list of speculative fiction and afrofuturist work by Black authors:

Published: May 19, 2022