Message from Quanice: May 2023

May 23, 2023

Dear Guild family,

As the Guild’s programming makes its much-anticipated return this fall, our collective efforts to embrace liberation align seamlessly with the mission and the future work of the National Guild. This pivotal moment calls for us to honor the past, challenge oppressive systems, and envision a reimagined future that empowers all voices. Together, we embark on a transformative journey of liberation, shaping the landscape of community arts education. Let us delve into the collective journey that lies ahead.

Reflect, Appreciate, and Decolonize:

As we gather at future events, we reflect upon the rich tapestry of community arts education, appreciating the beautiful artistries and cultures that enrich our field. In this shared celebration, we acknowledge the need to challenge and decolonize oppressive systems ingrained within community arts education. By dismantling barriers and fostering inclusivity, we create a space where all voices can flourish.

Embrace Innovation and Intersectionality:

At the heart of the Guild lies the spirit of innovation and intersectionality. As members of the community arts education field, we have the power to embrace new perspectives, celebrate art form fusion, and ignite critical conversations. By embracing intersectionality, we foster empowerment, empathy, and liberation through artistic expression.

Cultivate Collaborative and Liberatory Spaces:

The Guild will serve as a catalyst for cultivating collaborative and liberatory spaces. Together, we dismantle hierarchies, foster inclusivity, and amplify historically marginalized voices within the community arts education community. By engaging in dialogue and nurturing partnerships, we create transformative artistic experiences that support and uplift individuals and communities.

Advocate for Liberatory Policies and Resources:

The Guild’s future programming will provide the platform to advocate for liberatory policies and secure essential resources for community arts education. Our collective voice carries immense power. Let us unite in advocating for inclusive curricula, equitable funding, and policies that address systemic injustices. Through collective action, we effect systemic change and ensure community arts education becomes a driving force for liberation and empowerment.

Together, we are embarking on a collective journey of liberation, honoring, acknowledging and reckoning with the past, and envisioning a reimagined future of community arts education. Let us unite, challenge oppressive systems, and co-create a future where community arts education empowers all individuals and communities.


Portrait photo of Quanice G. Floyd. She is wearing a black jacket and has red and black braided hair. The Capitol building can be seen behind her.

Quanice G. Floyd
Executive Director

Published: May 24, 2023