Guild Trustee Derrick Gay receives AMS 2020 Montessori Ambassador Award

March 12, 2020


Congratulations to educational consultant and Guild trustee Dr. Derrick Gay, who has received the AMS 2020 Montessori Ambassador Award from the American Montessori Society. The award honors an individual who, through their work in a variety of arenas, is fostering a landscape in which Montessori education not only thrives, but flourishes. Here's a quote from his remarks upon accepting the award:

"I consider myself fortunate to have served and advocated in the education space over the past 23 years, and consulting with organizations across many sectors (education, nonprofit, finance, law, the arts) for the past 11 years. If I had to impart one lesson to empower individuals to design and support inclusive environments, I would share this: Inclusion is always intentional. Cultivating a sense of belonging and connectedness is not an organic function of our belief that we are good people. Moreover, while Montessori undoubtedly values inclusion, this belief should not be confused as an action. Inclusion always requires the ongoing intentional efforts of each and every one of us in the community in partnership with each other."

Read Derrick's full remarks here.

Published: September 03, 2020