Farewell to Deputy Director of Operations Adam Johnston

February 11, 2022

Today we share the bittersweet news that after 5 years of service, Adam Johnston is leaving the Guild to pursue new opportunities. Adam was hired as Chief Operations Officer, and became Deputy Director of Operations in 2021. Among the many contributions he made to the organization during his tenure, he helped create new systems for our work, grew our operational capacity, and contributed to our financial stability, particularly during the pandemic. He also served as part of our Interim Management Team during our leadership transition.

Adam is outdoors, with a wide smile and a light purple shirt. He has short, wavy grey hair and light skin, and there are houses in the background.

Prior to being on staff, Adam first became involved with the Guild as a member in 2013, and continued to work with Guild member and partner organizations including Settlement Music School and Teaching Artists Guild for many years. Adam shares:

"The Guild immediately became a professional home for me. Being on staff has been an honor, and I plan to continue to participate in Guild programming in the future and benefit from the warmth and brilliance of this community."

We thank Adam for his time here, and wish him the best on his next steps!




Published: February 11, 2022