Take Part in Research on Music Teaching Artistry

Researchers at Indiana University are conducting a study on music teaching artists at community music schools. We invite applicable Guild member organizations to participate. Led by Liz Dinwiddie, Department of Music Education, the purpose of the study is to look at the growing field of Music Teaching Artists. Specifically, it addresses how community music school executive directors view the education of Teaching Artists applicants to their organization and what professional development is provided once a Music Teaching Artist is hired.

The National Guild supports data gathering and analysis that broadens the field's understanding of trends and best practices. In that vein, we invite executive directors and program managers at community music schools to contribute to this research. It is entirely voluntary and the study is not connected to the National Guild in any way.

You can access the survey here. Please direct any questions to the lead researcher, Liz Dinwiddie at edinwidd@indiana.edu.

Published: July 13, 2018