Nonprofit Executives and the Racial Leadership Gap

Pulling from survey data of over 4,000 respondents, a new report from Race to Lead explores the differences in experiences between white executives and executive leaders of color. They share a number of key findings, including: 

1. Although there certainly are advantages to being in the top leadership role of an organization, the data shows that people of color in executive positions report higher rates of common challenges and frustrations than white EDs/ CEOs

2. Organizational financial sustainability is a particularly acute burden for EDs/CEOs of color.

3. Nonprofit EDs/CEOs of color report more challenges in their relationships with boards of directors when the boards are predominantly white. 

4. Both EDs/CEOs of color and white leaders are taking similar steps to make their organizations more equitable, inclusive and diverse.

Read the full report here. 

Published: June 04, 2019