New Book: Make Time for Making Music

A new book from Amy Nathan, Making Time for Making Music: How to Bring Music into Your Busy Life, explores how time-stretched adults can make focused time to follow their musical passion. The book draws on conversations with an “advice panel” that includes numerous Guild members, including: Eastman New Horizons Chorus, Harmony Project, Peabody Preparatory, San Francisco Community Music Center, and Third Street Music School.

According to Erika Floreska, executive director at Bloomingdale School of Music, “Amy Nathan once again opens up the world of music to make it more accessible to more people. This book, by focusing on real stories, challenges, and benefits adults have faced keeping and bringing music into their lives, demonstrates how music is for all—at any level, at any point in life. Makes me want to get my flute out!”

The book demonstrates the wide-ranging avenues for accessing music and music education, while also exploring the long-term benefits on health and well-being. According to the author, “the book is filled with real-life success stories from more than 350 adults in the U.S., UK and elsewhere (ranging in age from 25 to 96) who don’t have musical careers but still fit in time for music-making."

Making Time for Making Music is a reminder that there is always enough time for the things that matter.

You can learn more about the book here.

Published: May 27, 2018