Artistic Tools for Equitable Community Building

A new resource from Alternate ROOTS provides a multimedia exploration of creative placemaking. Through podcasts, articles, films, and other media, Creating Place: The Art of Equitable Community Building provides an overview of the strategies that are fundamental to the work and offers insights on how to build community in an artistic, equitable way.

“Within the creative placemaking framework, there can be a tendency to privilege economics and infrastructures over community connection; neither need be in conflict – they are best when working together. Community power, unimagined possibilities, and collective brilliance arise when we honor and make space for everyone’s full selves to arrive, to be seen and valued,” writes Nicole Gurgel-Seefeldt, Creating Place curator and project manager.

The resource, both a PDF as well as an online collection, includes numerous contributions from the field:

  • Creative Placetaking: It’s a Thing!, Vicki Meek (Dallas, TX)
  • Empowering Women at the Border as Creative Placemaking, Dora Arreola (Tampa, FL)
  • Making How Away from Home, Ashley Minner (Baltimore, MD)
  • I am Powerful: Reclaiming and Uplifting the Power, Space, and Voice of Incarcerated Youth, Jeree Thomas (Richmond, VA)

You can learn more and access the full resource collection here.

Published: April 22, 2018