Americans for the Arts Releases Local Arts Agency Salary Report

The Local Arts Agency Salaries 2018 research report is AFTA's most recent effort to benchmark the vast and varied compensation practices of the local arts agency field in America today, which compiled 117 anonymous survey responses.

Some of the key findings, from AFTA: 

"In general, local arts agency employees are educated white women. Eighty-two percent of the respondents identify their race/ethnicity as white or Caucasian or European American only. Seventy-eight percent identify as female (cisgender). Ninety-one percent have at least a four-year college degree, including 45 percent who have at least one graduate degree. Sixty-five percent of LAA employees report that they are satisfied with their cash compensation. While 38 percent of LAA employees agree with the statement, "I have a clear path for job advancement," another 30 percent disagree (including 14 percent who strongly disagree).

The overall average salary for the executive director position is $81,476 (the average for public/government LAAs is $110,946, while the average for private/nonprofit LAAs is $73,114)."

Read the full report here>>

Published: May 17, 2019