11 Strategies for Adapting Culminating Events During COVID

March 24, 2021
Findings From National Study on Adapting Culminating Events in CYD Programs
Young people consistently rank culminating events—performances, exhibitions, youth summits, screenings of their films—as a powerful motivator and key aspect of their involvement in creative youth development programs.

Recently-released research from CultureThrive explores how CYD programs are adapting culminating events to the current, largely virtual environments. Findings include the top challenges organizations face, trends in programming and events, strategies for adapting culminating events during the COVID-19 pandemic, and implications for funders. 
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Some hopeful news is that while organizations face many challenges, including youth engagement; technology and connectivity; and staff capacity and stress, opportunities have emerged with regard to events during the pandemic. Specifically, 58% of organizations reported that, overall, community members have been more available to attend their events. This has included alumni, elected officials, creative industry professionals, funders, and friends, all of which has been engaging for young people. CYD programs also reported significant increases in youth leading events during the pandemic and in youth employment opportunities related to culminating events. Detailed findings from the study are here.
Graphic: 11 Strategies for Adapting Culminating Events for Right Now

Published: March 24, 2021