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The Large Schools Network seeks to unite the skills and experiences of large organizations to share best practices, identify, shape and build awareness of current trends in community arts and provide a network for support and growth among all the organizations.


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Karin Orenstein

Director of Education, Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA

Karin Orenstein is the director of education at Settlement Music School, a 108 year old institution with a faculty of more than 225 professionals. Settlement provides lessons and classes in music and the related arts to 15,000 students each year. Karin has always believed that the arts are a right that should be provided to all and has strived to create access and opportunity for all. Orenstein served for 4 years as the Head of Music at Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy where she started a music program for grades 6 - 12 which quickly grew to over fifteen electives and six ensembles.

Marie Tai

Chief Operating Officer, Community Music Center of Boston, Boston, MA

Marie Tati serves as the associate director of the Community Music Center of Boston. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in music and enjoys working with local non-profit arts community organizations. She is also a volunteer and active tennis player with the Franklin Park Tennis Association.