White Advocates for Racial Equity (WARE) Network

Network Mission

The White Advocates for Racial Equity (WARE) Network works in collaboration with people of color as we seek to promote racial justice in the field of community arts education. The WARE Network exists to complement and support the aims of the ALAANA Network while also investigating the unique role that white people must play in undoing racism. We do this work collectively through sharing stories, raising questions, and proposing actionable steps we can take everyday to build racial equity in our workplaces and lives.


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Jeannette Tremblay Chambers

Director of School and Studio Programs, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Jeannette Tremblay Chambers has over 12 years of experience as an educator, arts administrator, and independent curator based in Chicago, IL. She currently works as director of school and studio programs at Hyde Park Art Center and as an adjunct lecturer at the Art Institute of Chicago. Tremblay’s work has a focus on building equity and anti-racism in the arts; promoting the gallery as an inclusive space for learning; and supporting intentional reciprocity between studio practice and teaching practice in the field of teaching artistry. Tremblay is a 2016 alumna of the National Guild for Community Arts Education's Leadership Institute.

Indi McCasey

Creative Education Consultant, Oakland, CA

Indi McCasey believes in the power of the arts to catalyze social change. Indi has spent nearly 25 years as an educator in experiential and informal learning environments with over a decade of non-profit program management experience in the fields of public access, community health, and arts education. Their work is grounded in their identities as a performer, teaching artist, and event producer. As the director of creative learning at Destiny Arts Center, Indi designed Destiny’s Creative Youth Development Framework, connecting social emotional learning with creative inquiry practice.

Network Event Highlights

Examples of past WARE Network events include:

  • Language for the Movement, Part I and II: In response to Network constituent interest in racial justice language, the WARE Network offered Language for the Movement, a series of two video chats that provided concrete examples of how language can identify you as an ally and the role it can play in furthering your organization’s work around equity and racial justice.


Network Produced Resources

WARE produces resources to advance racial justice in arts education. Examples include: