2020 Membership Pricing Change

Recently, the Guild’s board convened a Membership Task Force to examine the Guild’s current organizational membership model. Based on the Task Force’s recommendations, and in the spirit of creating more equitable access to professional learning, as of 1/1/2020, we are implementing a new dues pricing structure.


The changes to go into effect are as follows:

  1. We are doing away with pricing tiers, and membership fees will be based on a consistent 0.075% of your annual operating budget (rounded to the nearest $10, and up to a maximum of $2,500). This .075% is an average of what organizations have been paying; by eliminating the tiers, we are establishing a fairer fee schedule for all.
  2. For organizations with budgets under $300,000, we are instituting a “pay what you can” model. This change is made to better support the growth of smaller and emerging organizations, while encouraging them to take full advantage of what the Guild has to offer.


Both of these changes are made to more authentically align our practices with our core values, especially the values of equity and community. We are excited to be taking this step towards making access to the Guild’s resources more equitable and accessible to a broader range of member organizations. 

To organizations who have thought about joining the Guild but found the past pricing structure challenging, we hope that this allows you to take advantage of our member benefits: access to resources, free online learning, regular bulletins and publications, discounts to our upcoming conference in New York City from November 18-21, 2020, and much more.

To our current members, we recognize that while this shift means that some organizations will pay less than before, some will pay more. If you have a dues increase that you believe would prove challenging for your organization this coming year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at membership@nationalguild.org. Our team will work with you to come up with a solution.

Thank you for working with our powerful community to ensure all people have opportunities to maximize their creative potential!