Studio in a School - New York, New York

Job Category: Executive Management

Type: Paid

Term: Full Time

Post Date: September 16, 2019

About Our Organization

Studio in a School New York City (Studio NYC) is one of two LLCs under the aegis of the Studio in a School Association, Inc. Studio NYC engages over 30,000 public school students in all five boroughs each year and aims to ensure that New York City public school students receive standards-based, quality instruction in the visual arts regardless of socio-economic status. While nurturing age-appropriate skills in artmaking and art literacy, Studio NYC programs affect the “whole learner” by stimulating student development in realms such as habits of mind (e.g., envisioning, persistence, observation); language acquisition; and social-emotional growth. Students in Studio NYC programs become more willing to experiment and problem-solve; learn to work collaboratively; acquire and use new vocabulary; and grow adept at reflecting on their work and that of their peers.

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Job Summary

Studio in a School's Board of Directors seeks a charismatic, visionary, politically fluent leader to serve as the new President of Studio NYC as it enters a key phase of its evolution. This is a highly specialized opportunity for an experienced, thoughtful individual to build on Studio NYC's outstanding 40+ years legacy of championing the arts in New York City and ensure that visual arts education evolves with the rapid social, political and economic changes that are shaping New York City public school students' future. The President will provide management acumen and strategic vision for the organization, and build bridges among artists, schools, students and families, arts organizations, neighborhoods, and elected officials to advance arts programming, access, and equity in the New York City region. The President will play a significant and influential role in the continuing development of quality instruction in the visual arts and enhance its impact on students' lives.

The new President of Studio NYC will serve as a key leader in the New York City region and nationally as an influencer and change agent in the arts and education. In positioning Studio NYC for continued success as an active and important advocate in these areas, the President will have a powerful voice in shaping the strategic direction of the organization, its support for students and artists, its community partnerships, and its development and fundraising strategy. In addition, the President will lead Studio NYC's partnerships with New York City, regularly interfacing with City and County leaders, including the Mayor's office, and other elected officials and City agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Cultural Affairs, and other potential partners.

The President will endeavor to actively create meaningful arts education programming and pioneering strategies and initiatives, will deepen Studio NYC's existing partnerships and build and establish new enterprises, collaborating with community groups, nonprofits, schools, foundations, and cultural organizations across the region and nationally. The President will be charged with substantively increasing access to and improving arts programming and education, proactively striving to create opportunities for the region.


In serving as Studio NYC's chief advocate, strategist and visionary, the President will be a leading figure in the arts and education community in New York City, the region, and nationally. The President plays a central role in creating an ecosystem where visual arts education thrives and advances social justice. Working closely with an experienced and passionate staff, public officials, arts organizations, and other stakeholders, the President contributes their vision to the dynamic role played by arts and education in the region.

The President will be a highly experienced executive who will oversee the organization's overall operational and administrative functions, including finance, human resources, and Studio NYC's 16 full-time staff plus more than 100 artist instructors and a seasonal workforce of about 150 additional employees, approximately $5M annual operating budget, and $12M endowment. The President and the NYC team also provide management services for Studio Institute, providing financial oversight, fundraising, human resources, and marketing assistance.

The President will be a decisive and transparent leader with the ability to execute on goals, lead collaboratively and by example, and support the activities of staff, the Board of Directors, and project committees and working groups. In addition, the President will be responsible for raising approximately $5M annually, leading fundraising efforts with foundations and individual donors, establishing and overseeing fee for service contracts with local government entities, and working to raise overall arts and education funding while also making tough decisions on resource allocation.

The President will have a passion for and commitment to visual arts education. Comfortable in the distinct spheres of nonprofit governance, arts administration, and government, the President will be a fluent advocate for Studio NYC and the organization's priorities.

The President will report directly to the Board of Directors of the Studio in a School Association, and will interact regularly with the Chair of the Board as well as the Vice Chair for Studio NYC.


Ideal candidates will have experience in arts administration, and relevant knowledge and expertise regarding the arts and education, including a fluency with the City's governance and politics, knowledge of public education and arts organizations, and the ability to build meaningful relationships with artists, educators, and community leaders.

This leader will demonstrate visionary, executive-level leadership and management abilities, demonstrated expertise in change management, flexibility, and a passion for and commitment to visual arts education. The President will possess a high degree of emotional intelligence and a natural ability to connect with people at all levels bringing forth a sense of humility and warmth towards Studio's partners and participants in all aspects of the work. This leader will need to be comfortable working with multiple stakeholders, including students and school administrators, donors, and key partners in government.

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