Music Program Director

The Woodlands Foundation - Wexford, Pennsylvania

Job Category: Faculty

Job Type: Paid

Job Term: Full Time

About Our Organization

The Woodlands signature programs, expert staff and adapted facilities are all designed around our mission to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families navigating the journey of disability and chronic illness. We also collaborate with other nonprofits serving individuals with special needs to deepen our offerings and expand resources available to participants and caregivers.

Our barrier-free environment encourages everyone, of every ability and disability, to safely explore what’s possible and discover new levels of independence. Hands-on experiences guided by our caring staff help to reinforce social, cultural, environmental, recreational and spiritual growth. Participation is encouraged at every level, and celebrated in a welcoming and approachable group setting such as our camps, retreats, clubs and events.

Come explore our 52-acre site in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Nestled on serene, private wooded property, our grounds feature: an indoor heated pool, 48-bed lodge, dining hall, creative arts and computer lab, activity center, camping area, sports court, nature trail, adapted zip line, amphitheater, adapted kitchen, adapted archery range, and a par-3 adapted golf course. Every experience at The Woodlands is made to be as accessible as possible – so participation can be enjoyed by all individuals and families ready to see what’s possible!

Job Summary

The Woodlands seeks a Music Program Director for the Notes from the Heart (NFTH) Music Program, who reports to the Executive Director. This position will be building their advisory team, which should consist of the participants we serve and experienced staff to further develop the NFTH program content and design, including funding and development as the program progresses. The Program Director is a new position, created for the specific purpose of growing the program to a regional/national destination and oversees the program, including: service design; strategy and cohort-building; school relationships; research and evaluation; partnerships with arts and educational organizations; contract development and oversight; management of budget, staff, human resources and general operating systems; and compliance with Woodlands policies. The ideal candidate will be an experienced, independent, motivational leader who is passionate about mission driven work, and is excited about empowering individuals with disabilities and our participants to be at the center of the change we’re trying to cultivate through music and the arts.


Specific job responsibilities:

Will design and implement program offerings that are inclusive, for musicians of all-abilities, universally designed and providing the most productive learning environment programmatic offerings for each ability, age, and interest:

Private and small group lessons

Small and large group instruction

Therapeutic services


Instrumental instruction

Opportunities for community performances and engagement

NFTH music camps, year-round music programs, private practices, creative arts workshops, music ensembles, visits to schools, and curate events in the community;

In partnership with the Director of Programs and Marketing and the participants the Woodlands serves, facilitate and maximize the provision of community arts resources to The Woodlands establishing new partnerships with artists and arts organizations, locally and nationally.

Lead the NFTH team of diverse group of individuals with various abilities and learning styles in building strong working relationships with music and creative arts organizations and educational establishments:

Understanding the major goals, challenges and opportunities in each south western county of Pennsylvania, both with respect to their adapted arts programs for individuals with disabilities and state waiver programs.

Nurturing school and community environments that celebrate diversity, creativity and artistic achievement, including performances and exhibitions by individuals with disabilities, and arts enhanced physical spaces and displays;

Work with Human Resources staff to recruit, interview, select, hire, and employ an appropriate number of employees.

Oversee and facilitating a communications strategy using media and communications:

Developing a communications plan that identifies and targets key audiences and emphasizes the central role adapted arts education has played in empowering individuals with disabilities

Overseeing and obtaining regular, positive local press featuring schools, the program and the organization;

Finalizing news releases for events, school visits and other opportunities;

Reviewing and approving content for organizational communications channels including print collateral, web, blog, social media and e-blast;

Ensuring consistent tone, look and feel across all organizational communications channels.

In partnership with the Director of Development and Communications, oversee all administrative and development aspects of the program including, and not limited to:

Identifying capital needs that will be necessary for program growth—i.e. designated rehearsal and performance space; classroom space; etc.

Employee development and management, onboarding and termination, adherence to and occasional updates to the employee          handbook, payroll submittals and time off requests;

Developing and executing contracts, overseeing contract management and adherence to budget;

Developing and supervising arts program implementation and dissemination of grants;

All aspects of organizational budget development, forecasting, projecting, revision and reporting;

Managing end of fiscal year closeout and reporting;

Preparing of budgets, reports and other materials for the Board of Directors;

Oversee all elements of compliance with and accountability to the Office of Developmental Disabilities and The Woodlands including, and not limited to:

Complying with all reporting and data requirements;

Researching and securing additional waiver approvals for arts programs

Job Qualifications & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a relevant field of study
  • Graduate (Masters) degree or equivalent experience preferred in creative arts therapies, arts education, music performance or related field
  • Work with minimal supervision
  • Assume other responsibilities as requested

Skills in: Enhancing social skills and self-perception (verbal, nonverbal) through musical modalities such as instrument playing, vocal work, and creative design of the program performances

Assessing the interests and needs of people with disabilities and adapting activities and equipment

Knowledge of:

Music and musical training: musicianship, music pedagogy, creativity, and skill/experience in facilitating both group and individual music making experiences

The nature and etiology of physical, developmental, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities and their potential impact upon an individual’s ability to engage in recreational activities

The principles of therapeutic recreation including philosophy of community recreation and inclusion

Additional Details

About the Notes from the Heart Music Program

The Notes from the Heart music program (NFTH) was established in 2000 and exist for individuals who engage musically with diverse learning styles, abilities, interests and creative expression. It has been designed to empower individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities through music to create community through the arts. Participating in The Woodlands’ Notes from the Heart programs allows participants to find their voice and channel choice to engage in self-expression. Today, we serve over 100 participants of all ages annually through a variety of music programs. This accomplishment has proven to be the introduction into something even greater – an attitudinal shift addressing the misnomer of placing limitations on individuals with disabilities in our region and throughout our society. From participants’ growth in an area of strong interest can come a greater realization of who they are as people, which then leads to increased arts expression experiences, socialization, independence, self-perception and overall wellness. As an organization, we are expanding, maturing and creating the opportunity for people to see the ability in disability through the universal language of music and we are inviting a skilled, passionate and experienced Director to join our team to lead this effort.

How to Apply

Send cover letter and resume via email to: Rachel Clark, Administrative Manager at