Chorus Manager, Concert Ensemble

Brooklyn Youth Chorus - Brooklyn, New York

Job Category: Programs

Job Type: Paid

Job Term: Full Time

Compensation: $50000 - $55000

About Our Organization


Brooklyn Youth Chorus is an award-winning city-wide music education and vocal performance program for children ages 5-18 of all levels of experience.  As a collective of young singers and vocal ensembles, Brooklyn Youth Chorus is reimagining choral music performance through artistic innovation, collaboration, and an incredibly versatile range and repertoire. The Chorus’s multi-level training program draws students from across the five boroughs and combines intensive voice training and musicianship study with exceptional performance experiences. Children of diverse backgrounds come to the Chorus to share their love singing, make new friends, and achieve and surpass their musical goals. Brooklyn Youth Chorus believes every voice matters and is committed to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive community based on respect for each individual and an appreciation of our differences. To ensure access to all students, regardless of background or financial circumstances, the Chorus provides broad financial support for both chorus and elective music program tuition. Founded in 1992 by Artistic Director Dianne Berkun Menaker, Brooklyn Youth Chorus has served over 10,000 students over its thirty-year history with hundreds enrolling each year in its core after-school and public school outreach programs. Classes take place in Brooklyn at their Cobble Hill headquarters and neighborhood locations in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Carroll Gardens, and Brooklyn Heights.

Job Summary

Brooklyn Youth Chorus is seeking a full-time Chorus Manager for its Concert Ensemble (top treble performing ensemble) with an educator mindset, proactive data-driven logistic skills, and strong communication and relationship-building capabilities. The Chorus Manager is responsible for coordinating logistics, communications, company needs, and chorister supervision for ensemble rehearsals, performances, and tours and will oversee student leadership, mentorship, and internship initiatives.

The Chorus Manager is responsible for, but not limited to, tasks related to and in support of Brooklyn Youth Chorus Concert Ensemble in the following areas of program administration:  

  1. Rehearsals 

  2. Chorister and Family Communications and Relationships 

  3. Performance and Tour Support

  4. Student Mentorship



The Concert Ensemble Chorus Manager will report to the Founder & Artistic Director (conductor of the Concert Ensemble) and will work in close collaboration with the Director of Choral Education, Production & Events Manager, and School Administrator, and serve on the Chorus’s program team.


The Concert Ensemble Chorus Manager will:


Rehearsal Management:

  • Set up, manage, and provide student supervision for all assigned chorus rehearsals.

  • Prepare and maintain an orderly and well-stocked rehearsal room (i.e. prepare, distribute, and maintain all musical scores, pencils, and educational materials, set up chairs, etc.) and ensure support materials are prepared and available for use for each rehearsal (i.e. student scores, musical instruments, props, audio-visual equipment, etc.).

  • Maintain attendance records and enforce attendance policies, including updating database and regularly communicating attendance status with families and conductor.

  • Create and communicate rehearsal schedules for accompanists, guest artists, performers, and conductor.

  • Schedule and manage sub pianists when the regular pianist is out.

  • Take and distribute rehearsal notes as requested by the conductor.

  • Build rehearsal seating and voice charts in collaboration with the conductor.

  • Work with conductor to create student assignments and worksheets.

  • Enter and maintain scores in the music library and filemaker database (record new repertoire, update inventory and maintain performance tags).


Chorister/Family Communications and Relationships:

  • Monitor the general well being of choristers and cultivate strong professional relationships with each chorister and chorister family.

  • Draft and send weekly memos and event-specific communications providing information about upcoming rehearsals, performances, events, materials, and more.

  • Manage “Members Area” of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Website for the Concert Ensemble (i.e. posting relevant audio, video, rehearsal/performance schedules, and other support materials).

  • Communicate with individual choristers and families regarding attendance, behavioral, and other issues and opportunities as they arise and answer questions and concerns on a regular and ongoing basis.

  • Schedule and help lead parent meetings for specific events and tours in collaboration with the conductor.

  • Coordinate, schedule, and track annual written and vocal assessments in collaboration with the conductor and other administrative staff. 


Performance and Tour Support:

  • Create performance and tour schedules in collaboration with artistic and administrative staff and communicate schedules internally and externally.

  • Create and analyze performance polls to track chorister availability and compile event rosters, voice charts, standing charts, and stage plots.

  • Track, distribute, prep, and maintain any wardrobe/uniforms/costumes and ensure that all choristers have complete, clean, and well-fitting performance attire.

  • Attend site visits as necessary to ensure appropriate chorister accommodations  and facilities and to assist conductor with staging logistics.

  • Support Production Manager to coordinate musician hires, prepare instrumental scores, determine audio-visual equipment needs and assess and communicate chorister food and transportation needs.

  • Assist with vendor bookings particularly for transportation, food and hospitality, accommodation, and costume/uniforms and distribute petty cash as needed (i.e. for tips, tolls, and supplies, and chorister-related items).

  • Recruit and coordinate parent chaperones as needed.

  • Work collaboratively with other administrative and artistic staff to support all performance events.


Student Mentorship:

  • Oversee Student Leadership Committee and mentor/mentee program.

  • Lead Bloomberg Philanthropies Summer Internship Programs.

  • Support College and Career Readiness Initiative together with the Director of Choral Education and other Chorus Manager including coordinating performing arts high school and college panels, college counseling, professional mentorships, and vocal masterclasses.

Job Qualifications & Requirements


  • Belief in the mission and core values of Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

  • Experience working with young people from a diverse set of backgrounds 

  • Knowledge of and ability to read music. 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to establish good working relationships with choristers, families, and colleagues.

  • Excellent time management and project management skills with the ability to drive multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Ability to collect, organize, and analyze information with attention to detail and ability to draw high-level conclusions and recommendations from data.

  • Facility and competency working with and/or learning myriad digital communications, database, and music-related technologies and platforms including any of the following: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, Mailchimp, FileMaker, and/or Sibelius (preferred).

  • Flexibility to work nights and weekends.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in music, music education, and/or arts administration preferred. 

  • Full COVID-19 inoculation by start date.

Additional Details


$50,000-$55,000 commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits offered, including generous vacation package, medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Other Information


Brooklyn Youth Chorus is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all areas including artistic and education programs and recruitment of choristers, volunteers, staff, and its Board of Trustees.


We stand for absolute respect for each individual; an appreciation and understanding of the broad spectrum of all our differences be they cultural, racial, religious, socio-economic, or based on sexual identity, gender, physical or intellectual ability; and the ability to experience bonds of friendship through the joy of music. We celebrate open-mindedness and critical thinking, and seek to create opportunities for students to explore and embrace these important values together. We recognize that a diverse community is an asset that must be continually cared for, preserved, and enhanced, with constant attention, for the benefit of all its members.

How to Apply


Please send a resume, cover letter, and at least two professional references to  Resumes without cover letters will not be considered. Only qualified candidates will be contacted. No calls, please. EOE.