Organizational Liberation: Shifting Towards Human-Centered Policies


Thursday, November 9th and 10th, 2023


1:00pm - 4:00pm EST



During this two-day intensive experience, participants will engage with the highly skilled team at Healing Equity United to learn the historic and current complexities of Human Resources and organizational management, uncover harmful workplace ideologies, and examine one’s organization handbook and policies, and ways to begin building new drafted practices that are human-centered and anti-isms. 

Since 1985, the National Guild for Community Arts Education has offered cohort style training programs for Community Arts Education Practitioners to deepen their leadership and build strong relationships with existing and new peers in the field.  Now, after examining the breadth of offerings over the last few decades, the National Guild is expanding the current CAELI program into a multi-cohort COMMUNITY ARTS EDUCATION LEADERSHIP and INTERCULTURAL INSTITUTE. To transform the leadership of community arts education artists, funders, and administrators, CAELII is preparing to launch three distinct cohort-style trainings in 1) LEADERSHIP TRANSFORMATION (a self-reflective cohort experience); 2) ORGANIZATIONAL LIBERATION (a human-centered policy building cohort experience); and 3) COMMUNITY ADVOCACY (a base-building cohort experience).

Organizational Liberation: Shifting towards Human-Centered Policies fall two-day workshop is a soft launch to share pieces of the curriculum for the upcoming Organization Liberation Cohort (set to launch applications Fall of 2024). Feedback from participants of this 2 day intensive will shape the final pieces of curriculum for a longer, bi-annual cohort program, which will include an in-person intensive retreat, peer-mentoring, deeper examination of all organizational policies, the drafting of new policies, and a personal coach for organization reentry support and practice of multiple techniques to implement, hold conflict and dissent during organizational policy change.