Art Center Canvas Webinar: A Platform That Keeps Up with Your Center’s Growth


March 21, 2019


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Art Center Canvas is an all-in-one software platform with an array of features built specifically for art and music centers.

Art Center centralizes all registrations, donations and memberships for each customer account.  How much of your operations will be streamlined if you had the ability to sell classes, memberships, tickets and donations all in one shopping cart? 

Instead of struggling with data mining and forecasting, organizations using Art Center Canvas can access quick and in-depth reporting on progress and growth through a partnership with JReports, Using the dashboard and graphics, find out the answers to your organization's questions such as:

  • How much do your membership program and discounts help or hurt your bottom line? 
  • Which community offerings are driving growth: after-school programs or paint & wine nights?

ACC seamlessly integrates with clients’ websites, allowing you to customize a wide array of ACC pages for classes, camps, membership, tickets and donations. No more 'name and logo only' web pages!

Please join Tom McCobb for a webinar on Art Center Canvas, the software platform  that provides a mix of features to scale for growth.

This webinar is a sponsored session by Art Center Canvas.