2021 Award Recipients

The National Guild presented the following awards at the 2021 National Guild Annual Meeting on Thursday, December 9th. We are grateful for the significant contributions that these leaders continue to make to the field of arts education.

2021 National Service Award: Terry HuenekeTerry is smiling into the camera, wearing glasses with thin wire frames, a dark suit jacket, a white shirt, and a navy blue tie with a red pattern on it. He has light skin and white hair. The background is a black and grey gradient.

This award is offered annually for exceptional service to the National Guild and the community arts education movement. The 2021 National Service Award was presented to Terry Hueneke, in recognition of his many years of dedicated service ensuring that all have the opportunity to maximize their creative potential.

Terry Hueneke (he/him), originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spent most of his business career with ManpowerGroup, an HR and Staffing firm. After 37 years he retired as the longest serving member of the company’s Board of Directors. Concerned about the budget cutting process of the Arts in the public school system in Wisconsin and nationwide, Hueneke’s early retirement was long planned. This allowed him to spend all his time in supportive roles within the area of non-profits, with focus on the Arts and Education. 

Over the years Terry has served on the Boards of numerous Arts and Education organizations including the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, the Florentine Opera Company, and Danceworks; the Boards of museums including the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Discovery World Museum; and the Board of a charter school, The Academy of Learning and Leadership. Terry joined the Board of the Guild in 2005, during which he served a three-year term as Board Chair. He also joined the Board of Third Street Music School Settlement and served in various advisory roles for The Fortune Society, which focuses on re-integrating people convicted of felonies into society in New York; Solar One, which provides training and education for clean environment related jobs; and CTE, Career Technical Education with the Department of Education during the Bloomberg Administration.

Following a move to New Hope, Pennsylvania, Terry joined the Playhouse Artists Board of the Bucks County Playhouse, where he served his last three year term of what has been a combined 130 years in a Board of Director role.


2021 National Leadership Award: William Estrada

Headshot of a light brown Mexican-American male with pulled back hair with two braids down to the chest. William has a goatee and long side burns. He is wearing two silver small hoop earrings and cherry red glasses and he has a piercing on his right nostril and bottom left lip. He is wearing a black t-shirt and a multicolored stripped “reboso” or long woven scarf wrapped around his neck. The background is blurred and shows multiple screen printed posters on white paper that high light a quote by Grace Lee Boggs that says, “The only way to survive is by taking care of one another.”This award is given annually to an individual or institution whose work is nationally recognized as exemplifying and promoting the ideals to which the National Guild and its membership are dedicated. The 2021 National Leadership Award was presented to William Estrada, in recognition of his commitment to promoting healing and transforming communities through teaching artistry.

William Estrada (he/him/él) is an arts educator and multidisciplinary artist. His art and teaching are a collaborative discourse that critically re-examines public and private spaces with people to engage in radical imagination. He has presented in various panels regarding community programming, arts integration, and social justice curricula. He is currently faculty at UIC School of Art and Art History and a Teaching Artist at Telpochcalli Elementary School located in the Chicago neighborhood Little Village. William is engaging in collaborative work with the Mobilize Creative Collaborative, Chicago ACT Collective, and Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. His current research is focused on developing community based and culturally relevant projects that center power structures of race, economy, and cultural access in contested spaces that provide a space to collectively imagine just futures.