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What is the difference between Chapters and the Ambassador program? 

Ambassadors serve Guild membership in its entirety, and can even empower members to host their own activities. Chapters provide a forum for Guild members to connect within specific regional boundaries. Currently, the National Guild has two chapters, the New York Metro Chapter (New York Metro area) and the Northeast Chapter (ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI). Chairs of these Chapters serve only the Guild members within specific geographic boundaries. For example, the New York Metro Chapter only hosts activities for member organizations in New York. Ambassador-facilitated activities, however, are open to our entire membership.

How are the Ambassadors, Chapters, and the Members Council related? 

Ambassadors and Chapter Chairs both serve on the Members Council for the duration of their terms. Members Council representatives who are not also serving as Ambassadors support Ambassadors in convening activities. Chapter Chairs and Ambassadors in close proximity to one another may collaborate in convening activities and remain in ongoing communication with one another to ensure their planned activities have no scheduling or topic conflicts.

How do I become an Ambassador? 

Guild staff will release a call for Ambassador nominations annually. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. Ambassadors must hold a senior level position at a Guild Full member organization.

How often do you appoint new Ambassadors? 

Ambassadors are appointed annually and as vacancies become available. Ambassadors serve two year terms which are renewable twice for a total of six possible years of service. New Ambassadors may also be appointed as new needs for representation within the Guild membership are determined by Guild staff and Members Council representatives. Guild members may recommend the appointment of an Ambassador in a specific location or to represent a network interest by contacting Guild staff.

I don’t want to be an Ambassador, but I want to be more involved in Guild networking activities. What should I do? 

Review the current roster of Ambassadors and determine : 1) which Ambassador is located closest to you; and/or 2) if any of the current Networks overlap with your interests, Then reach out! Having trouble determining the right Ambassador to get in touch with? Contact Guild staff for guidance.

What are the current Networks? 

Current networks include Arts in Education, Collegiate Divisional, Creative Youth Development, ALAANA, Small Schools, Large Schools, White Allies, and Emerging Leaders. Contact Guild staff to suggest the establishment of a new Network.

How do I get on a Network Steering Committee? 

To join a Network Steering Committee, please contact the Network Ambassador.

What happened to Interest Groups? 

Not a thing! We’re just calling them Networks now.

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