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Big Thought Turns 25!

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Feb 13, 2012
Dallas, Texas

On February 11, 2012, Big Thought celebrated its 25 year anniversary with a special event honoring founders Mitch Jericho and Edith O'Donnell. Big Thought will continue celebrating their silver anniversary throughout the year, with a special section of their website dedicated to photos and stories, depicting memories from the organization's inception to today.

The home page of the 25th Anniversary section reads:

"25 years ago two visionary women had an idea to spark the imagination in children. Within a year, that spark twinkled in the eyes of 3,000 chidlren who were enriched through the arts. Soon over 100,000 young students were using their imaginations like never before. In less than seven years, the light was shining on 300,000 kids visualizing ideas all their own. By year 2000, creative learning was ignited in over 156 Dallas elementary schools. Before long, hundreds of thousands of students were thriving every day in school, out of school and in our communities. And now, 25 years later, the future is bright for even more children to make imagination a part of their learning. Yes, from that one little spark grew a really big idea."

Later this year, in support of their commitment to access and excellence in community arts education and in celebration of their 25th, Big Thought will host the 75th annual Conference for Community Arts Education (November 14-17, Dallas, TX).

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About Big Thought

For 25 years, Big Thought has provided creative learning programs that help kids imagine possibilities, excel academically and contribute to their communities. Big Thought brings together a wealth of resources to deliver enriched learning and active engagement opportunities for children and families in the classroom, home and community.

Driven by our mission - to make imagination a part of everyday learning - we do our work so that children have opportunities to become imaginative, adaptable and productive adults, resulting in stronger communities and a more capable future workforce. We do this because we believe that every child and family should be immersed in opportunities to imagine, create and succeed.

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