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New Research on What Youth Want & Why Arts Education is Key

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May 07, 2014

On May 5, the National Guild and the New York City Arts in Education Roundtable hosted a joint event, Engaging a New Generation in the Arts: New Research on What Youth Want & Why Arts Education is Key, at Third Street Music School Settlement.

Arts education leaders, Michael Anderson (Australia) and Michael Finneran (Ireland) discussed two new international research studies which provide key insights into the value of arts education for young people and how arts education providers and their partners must work differently to meet the needs of a new generation. Participants learned about how school and community-based arts participation is affecting students' academic (e.g. motivation, engagement) and nonacademic (e.g. self-esteem, life satisfaction) outcomes, as well as about what attracts, engages, and sustains youth participation in the arts--and what deters it. We discussed the findings from these large-scale, longitudinal studies; their implications for practice and advocacy; and their potential to spark international partnerships to further strengthen our understanding of the role of the arts in the lives of young people. 

A video discussing the two-year study of arts participation and students' academic and non-academic outcomes is available here
To learn more about TheatreSpace, a four-year study that asked young people about what they thought about professional theater, visit
Download materials from the event:

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