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Teaching Channel Launches Series on Arts Integration

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Jul 22, 2016

The Teaching Channel, in partnership with the J. Paul Getty Museum, has launched a series entitled “The Power of Arts Integration.” The online learning sessions are designed to show how teachers, particularly those in partnerships with the Getty Museum, are integrating the arts into their classrooms.

Questions posed during the series include:

  • How can arts integration increase student engagement?
  • What can you learn about integrating the arts in your classroom?
  • How do the teachers use resources from the Getty Museum?

The videos discuss, among other things, resources developed by the Getty to help public school teachers bring arts learning more effectively into the classroom. Arts administrators discuss how to get teachers excited about integrating the arts and tools and technologies that are beneficial in progressing the work.

Learn more about the series and access it here.

For more information on arts organizations partnering with public schools, download the Guild’s latest publication, The Practice of Partnership: High-Impact Arts Education Partnership with K-12 Schools.

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