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Starting a Movement to Strengthen Teaching Artistry

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May 02, 2016

Writing in GIA Reader, Beth Feldman Brandt, executive director of Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation, highlighted the Guild’s 2015 teaching artist development pre-conference, arguing that the outcomes of the conference “give us new ways of thinking about how arts funders can support [teaching artists].” Her article discusses the pre-conference’s focus on project development—how eight “project instigators” presented their ideas to a working group that, throughout the day, developed an action plan for the initiative—and the fact that the group worked together to conceptualize and launch strategies for strengthening the field.

“The arts education conversation in the GIA cohort has focused on national policy issues in K–12 arts education, a worthy cause to bring the arts equitably to all young people. But much like surveys that show the vast majority of Americans value the arts but a very small percentage value artists, the arts education funding conversation rarely focuses on teaching artists. Increasingly teaching artists are on the front lines of bringing the arts to communities in all settings, of all ages, and in all disciplines,” writes Brandt.

To close, Brandt shares her thoughts on what these eight teaching artist development projects say to arts funders about how teaching artists can best be engaged. Her suggestions touch on the review process for grants, professional development for teaching artists, the funding of teaching artist-focused research, and the need for teaching artists to be at the table throughout the process.

Read the full article here.

You can also visit the Teaching Artists Failing Forward Facebook group (which grew out of the one of the eight projects from the TA development pre-conference).

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