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Resource Roundup: June 6, 2012

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Jun 06, 2012


Liberals vs. Conservatives: How Politics Effects Charitable Giving
This new study from Rice University, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Pennsylvania State University, finds that Americans are more likely to donate to a charity that reflects the values of their political affiliation. The study outlines the distinct differences and offers data that could contribute to a more effective funding pitch. The study will appear in the International Journal of Research in Marketing: Special Issue on Consumer Identities. Learn More.

What Works Collaborative: Building Successful Communities
This new report from researchers from the Urban Institute, Brookings Institution, and other think tanks, identifies the elements of successful strategies of building neighborhoods and reviews some of the best thinking on community development. The purposes of the report are (1) to review what policymakers need to know in relevant topic areas; (2) to summarize what is already know in these areas; and (3) to identify research gaps, outlining a menu of studies that could serve as the basis for a new research agenda on neighborhood policy. Read (PDF)


Video: Save Upper Darby
This touching video documents how students, parents, and alumni are fighting to save arts education in their Pennsylvania community. The short film is part of a larger movement to stop school districts across the country from being forced to cut programs which cultivate who our children become. Watch.

Documentary: Trust: Second Acts in Young Lives
This new film documents the value of arts education through one teen girl's powerful story. The film follows the journey of a group of teenage actors at Chicago's Albany Park Theater Project as they transform this one youth's traumatic experience into a full length play. Learn More.


ARTSblog: Perseverance Pays Off: Reaching Out to Your Local Chamber of Commerce
Suzan Jenkens relates the story of how after years of trying, she finally snagged a meeting with her local chamber of commerce and was able to successfully make the case for arts partnerships with local businesses. Read.

Nonproft Quarterly: From Small to Scale: Three Trade Offs for Small Nonprofits Trying to Get Big
Nonprofit Quarterly recently studied a group of fast-growing nonprofits to provide guideposts for how small and midsize nonprofits with ambitious aspirations for growth can find the money to fuel that growth. Their key finding: leaders at these organizations made a series of thoughtful trade-offs that put their organizations in a position to navigate the journey to funding their growth over time. Read.

The Creativity Post: 16 Ways to Jump start Your Organization's Creativity
The path to generating innovative ideas is practice. These 16 tips will encourage your colleagues to start thinking more creatively today. Read.

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