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New Report: How Distance Influences Arts Attendance

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Oct 30, 2017

A new report from the National Center for Arts Research looks at a crucial indicator of success of arts programming: location. Noting that travel is often a significant barrier to attending arts events, the report specifically looks at the impact that distance has on consumers’ choices. Ultimately, the research hopes to: provide “insight regarding the critical factors that influence the patronage behavior of cultural consumers, highlight some barriers and opportunities in attracting cultural audiences, and offer potential implications for strategic marketing decisions.”

The report is broken down into four “truths” as perceived by the consumer:

  • If it’s not in my neighborhood, I’m much less likely to go
  • I’d be more likely to go if I had more time and money
  • What I really want is a destination for an entire day or night out, even if it means a longer drive
  • The more arts activity there is near my home, the more likely I am to attend

Given these truths, the paper breaks down marketing implications for organizations, and details steps you can take to increase attendance.

Read the full report here.

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