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Music’s Role in Helping to Treat Dementia

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Aug 16, 2016

Age of Creativity, a blog for practitioners, facilitators, artists, and organizations working in the field of arts and older people, recently posted about the Arts 4 Dementia (A4D) program and the role of music in treating dementia. A4D held workshops alongside training for artists centered on dementia awareness.

According to Age of Creativity, “workshops ranged from teaching participants how to conduct and then demonstrating this by leading the rest of the class as a choir to bringing in items from home and using reminiscence to inspire the creation of music."

Past research from 4AD, as well as testimonials from current program participants, suggest that music can have a dynamic impact on patients with dementia. In the short term, participants report feeling stimulated, rejuvenated, relaxed, and accepted in a new environment. According to one participant: “When I arrived I was having a bad day but I feel better now. I’m still treated like a human being! I feel energised and think I could try something new. This atmosphere makes me feel alive."

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