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Latest Resources from the Field: March 14, 2012

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Mar 14, 2012


The Ensemble: A Newsletter for the U.S. El Sistema Movement
The March 2012 Edition of The Ensemble, from Guild Conference honoree and presenter, Eric Booth, is now available. This issue's features include "The First West Coast Seminario," "Seminario: One Parent's View," News Notes, and Resources. Download (PDF)

Book Release: Through the Schoolhouse Door by Paddy Bowman and Lynne Hamer
Through the Schoolhouse Door offers a collection of expereinces from exemplary school programs and the analysis of an expert group of folklorists and educators who are dedicated not only to getting students out the door and into their communities to learn about folk culture all around them but also to honoring the culture teachers and students bring to the classroom. Learn more.

Stop Stealing Dreams: Creative Education Manifesto
According to Seth Godin, school was invented to supply a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s. In this 30,000 word manifesto, Godin imagines a different set of goals and calls for our education system to produce more dreamers, musicians, artists, and creative thinkers. Read more.

Harvard Family Research Project:
Teaching Cases on Family Engagment: Early Learning (Ages 0-8)

The teaching cases highlighted in this handout involve real-world situations and consider the perspectives of various stakeholders, including early childhood program and elementary school staff, parents, children, and community members. Through case-based discussion, educators can enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and consider multiple perspectives. Learn more.


Kennedy Center: Arts Integration Resource
The Kennedy Center has just launched a new online resource about arts integration that draws on more than a decade of the Kennedy Center's efforts to clarify arts integration principles and implement best practices. Learn more.

YouTube: Live Streaming for Nonprofits
YouTube has just announced they will be giving all members of their nonprofit program (16,000 nonprofit organizations and counting) the ability to live stream their events (including conferences, fundraisers, and performances) directly from their channel in real-time. Learn more.

PerformWell: Self Assessment & Management Tool
PerformWell provides measurement tools and practical knowledge that human services professionals can use to manage their programs' day-to-day performance. Information in PerformWell leverages research-based findings that have been synthesized and simplified by experts in the field. By providing information and tools to measure program quality and outcomes, PerformWell helps human services practitioners deliver more effective social programs. Learn more.


Americans for the Arts Bi-Annual Arts Education Blog Solon: Quality
Throughout this week, 18 leaders from around the country will be discussing the topic of quality, and what that means in terms of engaging students and the partnerships required of our organizations to deliver quality arts instruction. Contributors so far include Kristen Engebretsen, Jane Remer, Seth Godin, and Jennifer Bransom. Learn more.

Chicago Tribune: Arts Programming Helps Students Improve In All Areas
"Arts programming was a factor leading to improved standardized test scores at three schools in Chicago over three years, according to a report released by the educational arts nonprofit Changing Worlds and Loyola University." Read more.

IdeaLab: Kickstarter and the NEA
"It is probable that Kickstarter will distribute more money this year than the NEA...we view that number and our relationship to it in both a good and bad way." Read more.

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