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How the Arts Can Better Attract a Millenial Audience

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Mar 03, 2017

The Wallace Foundation recently released a synthesis of market research that looks at building millennial audiences for arts organizations. The presentation brings together data collected by 25 arts organizations, along with secondary literature, and offers clues to action. Two key takeaways are that arts organizations can more effectively attract a millennial audience by clarifying pricing and better explaining the value of the arts.

Ideas for overcoming barriers to millennial participation include:

  • Be clear about pricing. Many millennials assume that tickets cost more than they actually do
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of the arts. Millennials report seeking experiences that challenge them emotionally and intellectually, encourage self-discovery, and offer them a release from the stresses of everyday life. Arts organizations could convince millennials to attend performances if they highlighted these aspects of the arts
  • Create social experiences. Millennials appear to value events that allow them to attend in groups and interact with their peers
  • Focus on “buzz-worthiness.” Younger audiences are attracted to experiences others will like and share on social media

You can read more about the presentation and download it here

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