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Changes to Google AdWords Will Affect Nonprofit Grants

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Jan 08, 2018

Google AdWords, a tool for driving website traffic by placing an ad at the top of Google searches, is making policy changes that will affect the over 35,000 nonprofits who receive a Google AdWords grant. As many nonprofits know, qualified organizations can receive a $10,000 subsidized budget from Google to run an AdWords campaign. Starting January 1st, however, there are some changes to Google’s policy that may affect receipt of your grant money.

Important changes to note include:

  • Google is lifting the $2.00 cap on costs-per-click spending. This cap has, in the past, made it difficult for nonprofits to bid on the type of high-quality keywords that would drive traffic to their relatively niche organization
  • In order to keep receiving a Google AdWords grant, ads will have to maintain a 5 percent click-through rate. This can be difficult for some nonprofits but, according to Nonprofit Quarterly, you can increase click-through by focusing on quality keywords.

Other important changes to AdWords policies and more information on strengthening your ads strategy can be found here.

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