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Arts Education Becomes "Core Subject" in L.A. County

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Oct 09, 2012

The L.A. Unified school board unanimously passed a measure Tuesday, October 9, 2012, that makes arts education a "core subject" throughout L.A. country. The measure also prohibits further cuts to the arts, restores some funding to arts programs, and ensures that every child in L.A. county, regardless of economic background, will have access to arts education.

According to Southern California Public Radio, “The measure requires a restoration of arts education funds to 2007-08 funding levels within five years. Within 10 years, it aims to increase the number of arts teachers so that each middle school can offer at least three arts disciplines.”

L.A. Unified Senior Arts Coordinator Steven McCarthy said of the measure "The use of the term 'core' says that every child will be entitled to it, and when you use the word 'core,' there’s a financial expectation attached to it. So when cuts are made, now that the arts are core, cuts will need to be spread across all the disciplines. Now the arts can be seen as important as social studies, science, math and language arts."

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